OUR CSA -What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community-supported agriculture farms, or CSAs, allow a direct connection between the farmer and the customer

Every CSA is unique. The crops grown or livestock produced, the size of the shares, arrangements for receiving the shares of produce and/or meats, length of season, number of seasons and share costs vary from farm to farm. Some CSAs request or require volunteer hours from their members.

While you enjoy your share of the fresh, local, farm-raised food, you must also share in the lack of food should there be a drought, flood, pest problem or other issue that reduces the amount or quality of the food. You become one with the farmer in understanding and dealing with the ways of nature.  In meat and eggCSAs the primary risks are a dramatic increase in feeding costs due to crop shortages.

 In general, CSA farmers are dedicated to using the land in a manner that will not deplete its nutrients or value for generations to come. HEALTHY soil produces healthy food and healthy livestock.

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