Here at Belbeck's Family Farm, honesty and integrity are important to us!  That's why we're open about the fact that we are committed to using organic farming  practices and are working towards certification.

Here's what we do:

  • We are transitioning to organic production and currently raise as many of our livestock as possible to the standards outlined Canada's Organic Standards and Regulations. 
  • In all other cases, it is primarily access to certified organic feed that is limiting.  In these circumstances, we will always provide non-GMO feeds as well as housing, care and pasture access as per the standards.
  • We have been in consultation with various certifying bodies to ensure we are able to compliant in our farm business
  • We will be fully transparent with the progress of our certification and our farming practices so you never question the quality and integrity of our product
  • Initially, as we are a small operation, our resources are devoted to improving animal housing (automatic watering systems, improved fencing and pasture access) as well as improving our land by the addition to organic compost to our land and re-seeding our pastures.  Certification fees are secondary to animal care and welfare.
  • We do not apply chemicals or synthetics to our land
  • We do not produce meat or using any added hormones or steroids, nor do we use widespread antibiotic treatment (in water or food).  Only individuals genuinely needing antibiotic therapy for illness will receive it and they are then identified, required withdrawl times are respected,  and they sold in completely different channels.