The Genetics of Wattles - A Biology Lesson

I think any kunekune breeder would tell you that they love wattles. Not only are they adorable, they are one of those features that truly distinguish kunekunes from other breeds. I am no different, however wattles are low on my list of things that I look for when selecting breeding stock. Things like feet and leg structure, topline, teat lines, mothering ability, temperament are all things that rank higher to me than the dangly bits on their jowls. I worry that by trying to e

So what is the COI and is it important?

The COI, or “coefficient of Inbreeding”, is a measure of the degree of “relatedness” in an individual. The COI tells us the percentage of common ancestry in an individual’s pedigree. So, is it important? Yes and no. Generally speaking, for most individuals that are breeding animals, keeping your COI on the lower end of the spectrum is a good place to start. The kunekune population in the world as we know it today, descended from just a handful of animals. In Canada in par