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March & April 2021

ADR Kereopa 1 "Belair" (AKKPS 9190) x Third Trestle Farm Boris 3 "Brunkild" (AKKPS 8384)

BBS Ranch Trish 57 "Darlingford" (AKKPS 7392) x Third Trestle Farm Boris 3 "Brunkild" (AKKPS 8384)

ILF Jenny 9 "Gemma" (AKKPS 10409) x BBS Ranch Andrew 1 "Boyd" (AKKPS 4528)

BELB Wilsons Gina 4 "Jelly Bean" (AKKPS 9255) x ILF Boris 2 "Magnus" (AKKPS 12255)

BBS Ranch Tapeka 6 "Winnie" (AKKPS 9509) x BBS Ranch Mahia Love 2 "Sanford" (AKKPS 3718)

Coming in Summer/Fall 2021

HTH Wilsons Gina 4 "Tina" (AKKPS 5381) x BBS Ranch Andrew 1 "Boyd" (AKKPS 4528)

BELB Wilsons Gina 22 "Mabel" (AKKPS 10787) x ILF Andrew 4 - "Cash" (AKKPS 9185)

BBS Ranch Trish 30 "Chesnaye" (AKKPS 5116) x TBD

BBS Ranch Trish 49 - "Tahini" x TBD

Registration Quality and Meat/Pet Quality Animals available



Here is how we do it!

Kunekunes can change a LOT between birth and weaning.  We don't make any final decisions about who is breeding quality vs pet/meat quality until at or near weaning - 7-8 weeks of age.  Be wary of selecting piglets before this time frame!

Once we've we've classified our pigs, We assist our buyers in selecting the best available animal to suit their needs in order of deposit received.  For the widest variety, place your deposit early!  You can always "pass" on the available animals until the next round.

Currently accepting deposits for Summer/Fall 2021