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The Belbeck Family has called this 50 acre piece of land, partway between Guelph and Milton ON, "home" since 1986.

Though there have been livestock on the farm throughout the years since it was purchased, Belbeck's Family Farm as it is today, was established in 2015 by Kate and Ivan Belbeck and their 3 sons, Fletcher, Blaez and Marrec - the 4th generation on the farm.  The farm is a true family affair with all members coming together to care for the animals, tend to the gardens and complete any farm projects.

After years in the commercial pig world, Kate fell in love with Kunekunes.   In 2017, with a keen interest in preserving heritage breeds, the first 3 kunekunes came home after years of research.  While we had previously raised other breeds of pigs, both commercial and heritage, we were searching for a breed of pig that easier to work with, more family-friendly, and gentler on pasture and the kunekune has proven to be a great fit. We’ve grown considerably since then to be the largest kunekune pig breeder in Ontario registering with the American Kunekune Pig Registry and ship pigs all over Canada.

  On the brink of extinction in the late 1970’s, our mission  is “preservation through utilization” of the kunekune pig for all of their many purposes.  Our registered KuneKune pigs are a great addition to any small homestead or farm that wants to raise pigs.  With their compact, manageable size and their ability to efficiently graze on pasture, they are the ultimate multi-purpose pig that thrives in our varied Canadian climate.  In our breeding program, we maintain a diverse herd to suit a variety needs.  When you take home a Belbeck's Family Farm Kunekune pig, you become part of our extended "farm family" and have our full support!

In 2021, Belbeck's Family Farm added kunekune pastured pork sales, both by the whole and half hog, as well as products such as summer sausage and pepperettes.  In an effort to more fully utilize our pork-producing animals, we created a line of natural soaps and value-added products made from our kunekune lard.

Though the kunekunes are the main focus of the farm, we maintain a small herd of cattle (Scottish Highlands & Mini Herefords), laying hens, meat chickens, turkeys and rabbits.  We also produce a multitude of garden veggies, and tap our sugar maples in the spring.

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